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John Moriarty picJohn Moriarty & Associates is living up to its reputation as an owner-oriented contractor as it moves into the final stages of Florida’s Hyde Resort & Residences.

By Tim O’Connor

Work on the latest luxury high-rise to grace South Florida is now in the home stretch. Hyde Resort & Residences is a 40-story condo/hotel tower with 407 units in Hollywood Beach, Fla., just 50 feet off the Atlantic shoreline. Construction crews and general contractor John Moriarty & Associates are moving rapidly as they prepare to open the first 30 floors by the end of November. The remaining 10 floors will follow later this year.

Work on Hyde Resort began in September 2014, giving it a timeline of just over two years. “We’re always very aggressive with our construction schedules,” Senior Project Manager Ron Siemens says.

With only two months left before occupancy, JMA was working to complete the amenities area on the 9th floor and the finishes inside the units, which will range from 900 square feet up to 1,800 square feet. Amenities include an ocean-view pool deck, gym, beach-inspired spa, sauna rooms, VIP area and private terraces. Units are also being pre-wired with fiber optics for smart building technologies and high-speed internet.

Up to Speed

When the previous senior project manager on the Hyde Resort left JMA this past summer, Siemens took on oversight of the final stages of construction. Catching up on the history of the $110 million project has been a challenge. Siemens adjusted to the role by focusing on the tasks in front of him instead of everything that had occurred before. “If I was intent on figuring out everything that happened here every day before I got here I wouldn’t sleep,” Siemens says. John Moriarty box

Siemens says he asks a lot of questions and leans on the people and subcontractors who were working on the Hyde Resort project before he took over to bridge that knowledge. “I think we have a really strong team here both in the field and in the office,” he says.

JMA is acting as the general contractor on the project, which is being developed by The Related Group. The Hyde Resort is the fourth Related Group project Siemens has worked on but the two companies have completed many projects since JMA’s founding in 1990. Siemens says that continuing relationship is the result of the mutual trust the companies have for each other. “We’ve done well together,” he adds. “There’s a lot of comfort on both sides.”

That trust comes from JMA’s philosophy of being an owner’s contractor. Siemens says the company has a reputation for looking out for the owner’s best interests in terms of minimizing time and cost while maximizing quality. Clients have responding by making JMA one of the leading general contractors for condos, hotels, rental units and towers in the market.

“We view ourselves as the best builders in south Florida,” Siemens explains. “Each one of these high-rise condos is different. The design is a little different, the details are a little different, but there’s a lot of similarity from one project to the next.”

Site Challenges

The bustling building activity that JMA is a part of creates several challenges. As developers scoop up property, the amount of available land disappears or is divided into smaller morsels. For general contractors, that means less room to move around on the job site. The Hyde Resort project is bounded by an existing residential building to the north, a fire station to the south and South Ocean Drive to the west. The Hyde Beach Kitchen + Cocktails restaurant separates the condo-hotel tower from the beach just east of the site.

With so much development immediately adjacent to the property, JMA must work to be a good neighbor by ensuring construction debris and dust stay on site. Scheduling is also a priority to prevent subcontractors from flooding the work zone and creating a free-for-all.

Every piece of material that arrives at the job must be brought up into the building either by a hoist or tower crane. Deliveries and contractors need to let JMA know when they want to be slotted in to use the lifts to prevent on-site delays. Routine deliveries, such as drywall, glass and cabinets, are typically given the same time slots every week. JMA manages that scheduling by constant communication with its subcontractors and vendors.

Familiarity with those subcontractors eases some of the scheduling challenges. “For the most part, our subcontractors are companies that we’ve work with numerous times before,” Siemens says. JMA coordinates with those trades through weekly meetings held every Tuesday.

In the lead up to completion, the company is also holding meeting every Wednesday with subcontractors involved in preparing the tower for its temporary certificate of occupancy (TCO). The TCO meetings typically cover topics such as elevators, pressurization system and fire sprinklers.

When choosing subcontractors,  JMA looks for companies that reflect its own ideals. “The thing that appeals to us the most is a can-do type of attitude,” Siemens says. JMA prides itself on its ability to solve challenges and expects the same from its subcontractors. “We don’t want to play the victim,” Siemens explains. “We want to get the job done.”

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