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StealthStealth Concealment Solutions’ concealment systems help keep communities looking good while ensuring reliable cell service.

By Eric Slack

Across the country, there are people looking at a Stealth Concealment Solutions project right now without even realizing it. That is because Stealth is known for its branded line of enclosure products and services, designed to let cell signals flow while keeping the systems well hidden.

“We started to fill a void in the marketplace, and over time concealment solutions became recognized for their ability to make a difference in certain situations,” CEO Sean McLernon says. “We do make some simplistic, popular products but we are most known for one-of-a-kind panel-based concealment solutions and rooftop enclosed structures.”

Leading the Way

Stealth began in 1992 with the country’s first RF-transparent antenna concealment system, literally making the company first in concealment. Today, Stealth covers the entire wireless industry with rooftop, tower, pole, DAS and many custom concealment structures. The company understands the challenges facing wireless carriers, zoning officials and general contractors, and its ability to evaluate elements such as site complexity, ease of installation, serviceability and flexibility can help Stealth ensure concealment solutions help to maximize long-term investments.

“Our brand has become very well known,” McLernon says. “We had a first-mover advantage, and we have a nationwide salesforce. We are the only company with a nationwide presence thanks to our rep network, and it provides us access to customers as they also sell other complementary lines to customers for cell sites. Many times, cities and towns dictate what gets concealed and doesn’t. We don’t interact with them often, but cities and carriers have worked together to make the decision about what should be concealed. We gauge and fill demand based on what we think will be needed.” stealth box

The company’s solid, sound and attractive cell tower concealments accelerate approval processes, and all of its concealment solutions are engineered using the highest-grade radiofrequency transparent materials on the market. Stealth has tested and developed proprietary resources like StealthSkin™ panels to ensure that they outperform the competition.

Today, the bulk of the work that Stealth does is on existing buildings where property owners want to build a DAS system and have it concealed. Stealth provides materials and examples of existing sites, analyzing each site before putting together a plan. It engages in system design and color texture approvals to match the building before moving into final engineering to get in line with regulations and codes.

“We put together detailed 3-D shop drawings and can model every part that will be constructed for the site,” McLernon says. “That helps with fabrication and becomes helpful with installation for the contractor, as we don’t install the system. We have to know what the customer wants, turn it into a structure and help the installer be successful. We help on front end and back end as much as we can.”

Stealth knows that not all installers are highly experienced with concealment systems, although more contractors have been involved with concealment projects than in the past. At the same time, these are expensive projects often taking place at high-profile locations. That is why the company does everything it can to help its systems to be as easy to install as possible, and it also makes sure it can provide solutions on older projects that may need a little maintenance. Stealth has tried to bring in as many of the aspects of what it builds as possible under its own roof, limiting outsourcing so it can control quality and timeframe.

“This industry is demanding and wants things done quickly,” McLernon says. “Decisions come fast and late, so we need to have the people, equipment and designers in place, which is why we have invested in our engineering capacity and machines on the floor to help with efficiency and bringing automation into the process.”

Ready for Tomorrow

At this point, Stealth has worked with virtually every carrier in every state, developing the expertise needed to excel in the design, construction and installation phases. No matter what a client is looking to hide, Stealth can hide it as long as it knows the bandwidth and RF frequency its clients want to achieve. Even as the cellphone industry evolves, Stealth is in position to continue to provide concealment solutions.

“This is a very competitive and small industry, so we stay on the cutting-edge by finding new, non-traditional materials and methods of assembly that keep us a step ahead in terms of cycle time and cost,” McLernon says. “Those are the drivers for carriers. They don’t plan to spend money on concealment, but they are spending more each year because it has become a budget item they have to factor in. They have to consider the cost of concealment, so we have to perform in an economical production basis so we can stay in the hunt.”

Having set the global standard nearly 25 years ago, Stealth remains the industry leader by designing thousands of sites and fabricating the most innovative cell tower concealments. The company knows its services will continue to be in high demand because the need to ensure reliable service while concealing the systems isn’t going away.

“Cellphones are engrained in our lives, and the demand for video and data is rising, and that means more antennas,” McLernon says. “I think we will develop more product lines that are standardized to help improve efficiency and approval process, but at the same time we are tied to the custom one-off niche concealments that city planners and carriers can envision. The easy sites are done, but we can excel on the challenging locations and projects.”

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