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TitanTITAN soars to new heights by innovating and delivering on promises.

By Janice Hoppe-Spiers, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media

TITAN Formwork Systems has been committed to equipping builders to succeed for the past 20 years. Born out of Heico Companies, a parent holding company involved in manufacturing, construction and industrial services businesses, TITAN provides contractors with what it calls the lightest, safest and most versatile shoring system in its class.

“I spent about 15 years of my career with another one of Heico’s companies as a concrete contractor basically using systems like I now rent and sell under TITAN,” President David Bacon says. “[At Heico] we formed a relationship with a European manufacturer and imported a unique Drophead shoring system. We thought it was a great system that was modular, lightweight and had a lot of advantages. We decided we would start a business in North America, and I was tasked by the CEO to start TITAN.”Titan Formwork info box

TITAN officially launched in September 1998 and in December Bacon sold the company’s first job to a concrete contractor on the West Coast. “I had a little help from my sister company, but it was pretty much just me working from their conference room pitching to concrete contractors,” he remembers. “As we grew, we bought more equipment. Fast-forward to today and we have substantial inventory and have done well over 2,000 projects in North America. No project is too big at this point, and we have built an extensive client list.” 

Today, TITAN has a rental inventory of about six million square feet of shores and four million square feet of framing to actively run 300 projects annually. The company has over six yards throughout North America and one in South America to store its inventory. Its warehouses are located in Seattle; Casa Grande, Ariz.; Houston; Chicago; Nazareth, Pa. (serving New York City); Ontario, Canada; and São Paulo, Brazil. 

Designed to Succeed

Most of TITAN’s shoring equipment is modular, meaning all beams are standard lengths, but they can be configured in different ways to accommodate various conditions. The company performs all of the engineering and design in-house, placing professional engineering stamps on every drawing. 

“We provide and engineer the scaffold structure to support the concrete structure,” Bacon explains. “Buildings are not just a box, so the first floor is not shored the same as the third floor and a 12-foot ceiling is not the same as a 27-foot ceiling. From an architectural perspective it’s interesting. Interesting to us means complicated. We are in the business of providing simple solutions for complex situations.”

Safety is TITAN’s No. 1 focus because people’s lives literally hang in the balance. “It’s a massive issue that trumps everything else and the reason why we work hard at quality control and design, and why we review, check, double-check, triple-check and stamp our drawings,” Bacon says. “We want people to go home the same way they came to work – not injured – and we’ve had remarkably few instances.”

TITAN’s sales team will first meet with concrete contractors who need to rent or buy a shoring solution. The company will demonstrate how TITAN’s system is more efficient, allowing them to build faster and at a lower cost, saving money on labor. Once the job is sold, the company’s engineering team in Tempe, Ariz., takes over to design and engineer a shoring solution for the building in an efficient manner. TITAN’s operations and yard network are responsible to certify the equipment is cleaned, inspected and staged in a balanced fashion to ensure on-time delivery to jobsites throughout North America. “We have much more efficient systems than the standard of yesteryear,” Bacon says. “No one had modular, pre-engineered systems and we moved the market preference. Our systems are efficient, lightweight, versatile and we are recognized as one of the best.”

There from the Start

TITAN says its client-focused operation is one of the many reasons it remains successful. “We continue to improve the systems we have and look for new and better ways,” Bacon notes. “We work very hard to do what we say we will do. If we say it will be there on Tuesday it will be there on Tuesday and it won’t be only half of what they need – it’ll be everything.” 

TITAN solves concrete contractors’ problems. Its role is to get the equipment to a job on time, Bacon says. “We’ve had times when we have been extremely busy and had to air freight the equipment from overseas,” he remembers. “Everything we have is steel and aluminum so sometimes the value of the shipment exceeds the value of the equipment, it doesn’t always make economic sense, but we take care of our client.”

TITAN recently rolled out a new end-to-end software system that allows for seamless communication among the sales, engineering, yard, operations, invoicing and accounting teams. “It’s a quantum leap for us that ties in all the different aspects of our business to ensure we perform well for our clients,” Bacon explains. “We developed the TITAN Operational Dashboard [TOD] to improve how we communicate and collaborate as a team. It streamlines our processes.” 

Quality Innovation

TITAN works with contractors to design equipment that meets their unique needs. TITAN’s in-house research and development team brings new ideas to completion with computer modeling, 3-D printing, prototyping and extensive testing. “At TITAN, we work diligently to develop state-of-the-art equipment that fiercely competes with the most innovative designs in the market,” Bacon says. “With several patents and more in the pipeline, we strive to generate best-in-class solutions for our customers to get the job done safely and efficiently.” 

The R&D team is also responsible for quality control. “We have a solid quality control program and our R&D team meets with our manufacturers to check the equipment before shipping,” Bacon notes. “It’s a sophisticated process to ensure they get the equipment that they designed it correctly.”

Shoring in Action

A majority of TITAN’s work is in the multifamily sector and it plans to continue diversifying its portfolio to withstand the cyclical industry. In Brooklyn, N.Y., the company took on a unique project along the East River where two buildings featured numerous cantilevered protrusions. The features required tall shoring over 70 feet capable of supporting multiple levels until the building was complete. 

TITAN’s engineering team deployed the TITAN MAX 20K shoring system to accommodate the tall shoring/high capacity area. The TITAN HV modular shoring system was used throughout the building because of its flexibility and efficiency. The company also supplied its TITAN HV modular shoring system for another project in Brooklyn that spanned 54 Noll and 123 Melrose streets. 

“This sprawling project in Brooklyn featured architectural angled columns at the perimeter, causing floor-to-floor shoring variations and unique shoring conditions that were easily and safety accommodated by the TITAN HV shoring system, allowing the contractor to meet the aggressive schedule,” Bacon says. 

In Toronto, TITAN’s equipment was used to create a 272,400-square-foot, 26-story smart building with three subterranean levels. “This remarkable structure located in Toronto’s financial district featured twisted/rotated floor plates in the tower supported by a massive four-foot-thick transfer slab on the fifth floor, which is further supported by four commercial levels and corkscrew-style underground parking below,” Bacon describes. “Our engineering team designed the lower levels with the TITAN HV shoring system to meet the challenges of the two-way sloped parking areas and complicated commercial floors.”

The transfer slab was shored using TITAN’s ALU 11K shoring frames in conjunction with TITAN’s XL350’s reshores. The extreme cantilevers resulting from the offset tower floors were supported by TITAN’s A-Frame truss system and allowed the customer to achieve a three-day shoring cycle. 

TITAN also designed the shoring system for Memorial Stadium in Bloomington, Ind. The addition and renovation encompassed 82,400 square feet over three levels. “With uneven grade conditions, aggressively steep and short slopes, 45-foot-high ring beams 60 inches deep, this job required the use of every single type of TITAN equipment to creatively accommodate the tremendously intricate design challenges under an extremely rigid timeline,” Bacon says. “As seen on TV, the stadium remained open to the team and fans during construction.” 

The company had inflexible dates to hit for engineering and delivery between games and practices. Access roads had to be created for full access to bus traffic requiring 60-foot shoring towers. “This job was one of the first projects to feature our new TITAN XL aluminum shoring, capable of shoring up to 24 feet eight inches with a single post shore and avoid the expense of stacking frames,” Bacon notes. 

The company plans to continue to meet the needs of contractors by expanding its inventory with new and complementary equipment and systems that allow it to reach new heights. “We are constantly pushing new ideas and products out the door,” Bacon says. “Coming up with new and innovative products is key. These new products are our way of following through on equipping builders to succeed.”

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